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Thursday 25 July 2019 (All day)

Name of Event: Summer Party

Volunteer Role:  Enjoy a party? Why not volunteer at our summer one! You’ll get to:

  • Have fun & meet new people
  • Develop and deliver a great event within the community for all the friends of Aphasia Re-Connect
  • Build your knowledge of good communication access for people with a communication disability

Preparation before the event:

  • Canvassing local shops for contributions to the party food
  • Approaching organisations for raffle prizes at the summer party
  • Organising adult games and activities for people with a communication disability

On the day

  • Helping us set up the venue
  • Making sandwiches and preparing food
  • Setting up the raffle
  • Selling raffle tickets as guests arrive
  • Handing out food and drink to the group members
  • Leading the games and activities in collaboration with Re-Connect Staff and volunteers
  • Calling the raffle
  • Ensuring everyone has a good time
  • Support clearing up

When: Thursday 25 July 

Where: Rowland Hill House, Union Street, London SE1

Volunteer Places: 2-3

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