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Saturday 7 March 202013.00 to 20.00

UCL Men’s Tennis BUCS Premier 4th place v KCL Men’s Tennis BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place

UCL Women’s Tennis BUCS Tier 1A 1st place v KCL Women’s Tennis BUCS Premier 4th place

Date: 7 March 2020

Time: 13:00-20:00

Venue: Lee Valley Tennis Centre

Ticketed: Yes

After last year’s Varsity success, UCL tennis is more excited than ever to play this fixture. Our girls are solid competitors, with the W1s yet to lose a fixture- keenly eyeing that promotion-and the W2s looking to win those last couple of matches to secure a top position in their league. Our boys are also on top of their game, with the M2s and M3s in the top positions of their leagues, and the M1s holding strong in Premier. With a strong batch of new players, this years Varsity is going to be the perfect blend of both fresh and familiar faces.