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Monday 9 March 202016.00 to 19.00

UCL Men’s Table Tennis BUCS Premier 1st place v KCL Men’s Table Tennis BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place

UCL Women’s Table Tennis BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place v KCL Women’s Table Tennis BUCS Premier 1st place

Date: 9 March 2020

Time: 16:00-19:00

Venue: Fusion Table Tennis Club

After the relatively easy varsity win last year at KCL home ground Fusion table tennis club, we had a commanding start to the season that saw UCL crush the southern premier league in the Men’s divisions. With our hard-fought BUCS teams, especially the gentlemen’s currently topping the league, this season is ours for the taking – and that includes decimating King’s Thrown for the 5th straight year in Varsity, and bringing that now-familiar trophy home. We’re always ready to #bleedpurple – the question is, can King’s bring up a close fight this year?