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Monday 9 March 202013.00 to 17.00

UCL Men’s Squash BUCS Tier 1A 1st place v KCL Men’s Squash BUCS Tier 1A 4th place

UCL Women’s Squash BUCS Tier 1A 3rd place v KCL Women’s Squash BUCS Tier 1A 5th place

Date: 6 March 2020

Time: 13:00-17:00

Venue: Coolhurst Squash Centre

UCLvKCL Squash Varsity isn’t one you are going to want to miss. KCL has held the title for 3 years now but in 2020 UCL Squash plan to bring the trophy back where it belongs. With our Men’s BUCS team more than 60 points ahead of Kings, looks like it’ll be a clean sweep this year. Meanwhile, our Women are just 1 point behind KCL in the league and prepared to fight for the win this varsity. Come watch the courts heat up in what will definitely be the most exciting game of the year.