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Saturday 7 March 202018.00 to 22.30

RUMS Men’s Hockey BUCS Tier 2B 2nd place v GKT Men’s Hockey BUCS Premier 9th place.

RUMS Women’s Hockey BUCS Tier 1A 4th place v GKT Women’s Hockey BUCS Tier 2A 5th place.

Date: 7 March 2020

Time: 18:00-22:30

Venue: Lee Valley Hockey Centre

Ticketed: Yes


It’s been a tough season for the RUMS rangers. The loss of a pivotal year group and recurrent injuries was felt throughout the season all over the pitch. However, from the ashes comes exciting fresh talent. Keep your eyes peeled for the next generation, including fresher Sachin Goyal at CB. This youthful energy paired with a side brimming with the experience of 4 finalists, all hungry to put paid to the old enemy will ensure this Varsity match is not one to miss.


RUMS have been on a winning streak, winning the last three Varsity matches. Unlike previous years, we haven’t played GKT many times this season, meaning Varsity will be an exciting and even more unpredictable occasional than usual this year. We have demonstrated good performances in competitions this year, winning the Lee Valley tournament and progressing to the final of the UH cup. Watch out for our new mascot ‘Victor the Varsity Gnome’, who will be supporting us on our mission to make it four in a row!