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Saturday 7 March 202010.30 to 17.00

UCL Men’s Fencing BUCS Premier 3rd place v KCL Men’s Fencing BUCS Premier 4th place.

UCL Women’s Fencing BUCS Premier 6th place v KCL Women’s Fencing BUCS Tier 2A 1st place.

Date: 7 March 2020

Time: 10:30-17:00

Venue: KCL Great Hall

Ticketed: No

The women have set the bar high, having only lost to King’s once since Fencing Varsity matches began in 2014 and this year will be no different. Sending the KCL women’s team home with a crushing defeat, it’s safe to say we’ve definitely got this in the bag for another year running. I mean, the fact that we’re in the Premier League (and they’re not) in itself tells you we’ll be bringing the trophy home again. Our fantastic women’s team is stronger than ever (despite having a lot of new intakes) and training for Varsity is in full swing. But before then, they’ve got a month full of competitions (both National and International) which is keeping them in top form for the Varsity match. 

Meanwhile the Men’s team have a sadder story to tell. Although they faced a humiliating defeat last year which is not to be dwelt upon, the captain reports this year ‘we’ve got some quality reinforcement and a fiery team spirit’. With some members of the team being selected for their first World Cup, you’ll find the other veterans in the gym, buckled down for some intense training. The proof is in the pudding as we claimed a recent victory against the KCL Men’s team in the November Premier League match. Our men are back with a renewed vigour, so King’s better watch out.