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Saturday 24 February 201811.00 to 14.00

The UCL Yoga and Meditation Society is collaborating with Project Active to bring Shona Vertue to UCL.

Do you like yoga but would like to try something new?  The Vertue Method provides a challenging, fun and balanced approach to fitness and health. Come along and don’t miss the opportunity to meet a fitness and health professional. Bring your yoga mat, if you have one, and get ready to get pumped!

Vertue Yoga is a dynamic Vinyasa Yoga class that contains precise movements to generate a sweat as well as target and activate the glutes. The class is also designed to compliment other training modalities, specifically aimed at those that suffer tightness in the hips and shoulders. There is a strong emphasis on the breath to generate a calm mind and ensure the nervous system is primed for a deep stretch and release. With a strong focus on both strength and flexibility throughout the practice, the Vertue Method Yoga class will stimulate the evolution of a balanced body, happier hips, stronger glutes and a relaxed mind.

Equipment needed – yoga mat.

Find out more here via the Yoga and Meditation Facebook page.