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Friday 16 October 202019.00

As part of our line-up of events to celebrate Black History Month we’ll be watching the BBC 4 documentary “Whoever Heard of a Black Artist?”. This documentary addresses some key issues facing black artists and is the perfect introduction to the history of Black Artists in Britain. We’ll be sticking around after for a bit to discuss what we’ve watched. This event is in collaboration with Slade Society and SELCS Society.

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Documentary Description:

Brenda Emmanus follows acclaimed artist Sonia Boyce as she leads a team preparing a new exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery highlighting artists of African and Asian descent who have helped to shape the history of British art. Sonia and her team have spent the past three years scouring our public art archives to find out just how many works of art by artists of African and Asian descent the nation really owns. They have found nearly 2,000, but many of these pieces have rarely, if ever, been displayed before. We go into the stores to rediscover these works and, more importantly, meet the groundbreaking artists from the Windrush generation, the 60s counterculture revolution and the Black Art movement of the 80s.