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Thursday 27 February 202016.00 to 18.00

The Student Sustainability Council aims to provide students with a voice to make change possible at UCL.

During the first part of the Student Sustainability Council, you will give feedback and guidance on the Sustainability agenda across UCL, including areas which cover our estate, schools, faculties and departments, teaching, research and enterprise; and within its realm of wider influence. our feedback will be reported on at the Environmental Sustainability Steering Group to ensure the student’s voice is being heard. 

**We are recruiting for the first Student Sustainability Council in the UK**

Fill in this form to apply to be part of the Council.

Exciting opportunity to make change possible at UCL and within the Students’ Union! The Council is a body set up by Sustainable UCL and the SU, offering students a say on the direction of UCL Sustainability Strategy. It is also an opportunity to put forward new strategies to the Welfare and Community policy zone. There will be one council meeting each academic term to provide student feedback.

Open to students from all background and studies. First meeting: 27 February, 16:00 - 18:00. 25 places available.

Terms of reference

If you want to promote sustainability through our teaching, faculties and departments, research and enterprise, or wider influence then please fill out the application form below. 

Deadline: 19 February 2020