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Saturday 1 February 202008.00 to 21.00

Please join us on 1 February for a solidarity demonstration for trans-women rights as feminist rights. We will be meeting in the Institute bar at 08:00.

The demonstration starts at 08:30 running until 09:30.

Following the demonstration, we celebrate the start of LGBT+ history month by holding a workshop from 10:00 - 11:00  on ‘how to recognize Trans-exclusionary Feminist Ideology’ at Institute bar, delivered by NUS trans officer Eden Ladley.

Following the workshop, everyone will have a chance to mingle with each other and relax in a safe space over some beverages and snacks, and some fun music. We’ll watch some fun yet educational videos at the bar.

The IoE bar is booked until 21:00 on Saturday. It is a time to raise important topics and more importantly understand and celebrate the diversity of our student population which all wants just one thing from University- a feeling they belong, have friends that support and space where they can flourish as their best version. You are welcome to join for any length of time or just for one part if you can’t stay for whole duration. #SistersNotCis-ters

Please see our Freedom of Speech policy and notice here