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Tuesday 14 May 201918.00 to 20.00

This skills session is designed and delivered by Gold Model Ltd. The ‘Gold Model’ is a specifically designed methodology that aligns between our daily tasks as well as long and short term goals in every area that we want to focus on. 

Learning outcomes for the session will include: 

  • Learn five effective steps to increase your productivity, aligned with short and long-term goals. 
  • Create a hierarchy of key focus areas. 
  • Allocate your time effectively, down to the minute. 
  • Put together a tailored weekly plan. 
  • Practice the model. 

This session will be run by the founder of Gold Model Ltd. - Ron Lev. The inventor of the ‘Gold Model’ method, Ron delivers lectures and implements the model with universities, companies and individuals. Ron has a demonstrated background of helping to tangibly improve the productivity of both individuals and organisations through his training methodologies. 

Shalom Michaeli, Director of Publisher Development at Fyber (London) UK)

“After one month of implementing the Gold Model I saw an increase of 40% in the most important tasks that relate directly to my short and long-term goals.”  

Mike Morris, Director UK Operations, MAESTRO Business (Manchester, UK)

“Ron has developed simple yet powerful tools and techniques to simultaneously align medium and long-term goals with daily activities. Here, “simple” means “something you can do”, “powerful” means getting sustainable, measurable results, and an immediate sense of achievement.”

David Tawil, Co-Founder, Allocator (London, UK)

“The Gold Model helps me structure my time effectively to achieve my goals… By prioritising my tasks to fit my objectives, the model has kept me on track and laser-focused on the things that matter.”

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