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Wednesday 15 January 202014.40

Join the Museum Society for our first Give-It-A-Go event of 2020 - open to all UCL students!

We are being given a private tour of the archives behind the Wiener Holocaust Library - a collection starting in the 1920’s charting the rise of right-wing antisemitism in Germany, which was used to undermine the Nazi Regime and assisted prosecutors at the Nuremburg trials. This tour will be considering this history, as well as considering the wider practicalities behind building and preserving a collection such as this/

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in the time period or in the work done by collections, however, size limitations means that we can only take fifteen people with us - so please purchase a free ticket to guarantee your place!

We will be meeting in the UCL Main Quad at 14.40 to arrive at the museum for 15.00, looking forward to seeing you there!