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Thursday 1 October 202019.00
Enjoy a night of online screening from the UCL film society! Discussion will follow each film over zoom, a great space for discussing your ideas and passion. Alternatively, treat the discussion like a podcast and just sit back to listen to other students’ thoughts. These events will be an opportunity to relax, reflect, meet new people, and get involved with one of the many exciting societies that the university has to offer.
Spike Lee’s 1989 classic is as relevant today as when it was first released. Lee stars as Mookie, a worker at Sal’s pizzeria, an Italian American establishment of the Brooklyn neighbourhood. The tensions between the melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups over the restaurant’s wall of fame exclusively featuring Italians acts as a microcosm of the wider conflict reaching breaking point amidst New York experiencing a freakish heat wave. The film juggles moments of comedy with disturbing social commentary and continually asks the question that continues to define our globalised society - how can people live together in harmony? Spike Lee is a ground-breaking director in several respects and this film is widely regarded as his Magnum Opus.