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Wednesday 14 February 201809.30 to 17.00

UCL Enterprise Boot Camp -
Learn the basics of modern business in a practical and interactive 3-day Boot Camp from UCL

The Enterprise Boot Camp will look to introduce participants to the fundamentals of the modern business world. If you complete all three days,we’ll issue a certificate to mark your achievements - an additional benefit to enhance your CV!

About the workshop:
No knowledge of business or finance is needed and students of all disciplines will be welcome!

The aim and objectives of the Boot Camp are that participants who have completed the three-day training course will be able to understand the fundamentals of:
The way business works
The problems business looks to address
The modern business environment
How businesses identify and act upon opportunity
The most common tools of analysis

Who should attend?
All UCL students and staff, particularly those that are shortly to join the potential workforce and looking to learn basic business concepts along with some of the hard and soft skills that are needed to get a job and succeed in a career long-term.

During the event, please ensure that your attendance is noted each day to avoid being charged the cancellation fee (as above), normally by signing an attendance sheet at registration. Link to more information…