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Thursday 8 March 201819.30

The Union’s Performance Season continues with Dance Society’s “Exhibition”

If the stage is the blank slate on which you can create, then what is your exhibition?

Exhibition extends beyond the traditional notions of movement to celebrate the fusion of dance and other art forms. The show’s three key themes, The Written, The Object, and The Visual, aim to inspire movement in relation to literature, theatre and the visual arts, and push the creative boundaries of dancers to explore not only the emotional story-telling aspects of dance, but also the design elements of choreography.

The performance has an associated exhibit in the Shaw Theatre foyer, featuring the various works that choreographers have chosen to inspire their piece. Doors will open at 18:30 for viewing of the exhibit before the show at 19:30. 

Disclaimer: some performances will contain strobe lighting for visual effect and some songs will contain explicit language that viewers may find offensive.

UCL students £6

Non-UCL students $8

General public £10 

Get your tickets here