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Monday 24 September 201813.00 to 17.00

Join London’s newest wide game – perfect for anyone looking to explore London, meet new people and compete in a fun, social and unique way.


It’s simple, the team with the most points wins. Points are earned by completing tasks and tasks are broken into categories - location tasks, UCL tasks and miscellaneous tasks.

You must choose only 1 location to explore – Camden, Leicester Square or Regents Park. The location tasks and UCL tasks are worth fewer points per task, however, you can earn big bonus points!

Miscellaneous tasks are broken into easy, medium and hard sections. The harder the tasks, the more points they’re worth. Miscellaneous tasks can be done anywhere and tend to be a little quirkier.

Check it out here

What you get

  • Funniest photo – Provided by UCL

  • 1st place – Provided by UCL

  • Lots of cool new crazy photos! Perfect for showing off on Instagram!

  • Lots of great memories and a great day out

  • A new way to explore London

  • Seeing the parts of London other student don’t


  • September 24th, 13:00-17:00

  • Turn up as a team or individual, individuals will be put into teams when

    they arrive.

    What you need

  • Smartphone

  • Twitter Account

  • Comfortable shoes

• Meet at Mully’s