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Monday 21 October 201919.00 to 22.00

Hey pals!

This week we’ve got something a little different for you- WINE AND CHEESE NIGHT!

We’ve probably all lost a little bit of mass from all that fabulous dancing over the past few weeks, - but never fear, at CalSoc no one is a loser - Same time, same place, just more wine and more cheese! Rumours of port in the mix too- what better way to commiserate over the start of another week then to eat drink and be merry with CalSoc!

If you’re completely new to CalSoc but still fancy some chats with wine and cheese- do come along- the more very much the merrier! (Just buy membership- with it you get free weekly dance practices (and wine and nibbles that we provide for each session). Join the fam!

Just £4 for members / £5 non-members on the door and we’ll supply all the goods. 

Check out the event on Facebook.

See you there folks xxx

UCL Caledonian Society