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Thursday 29 November 201815.30

Training attendees will:

  • Consider the first steps of creating or renewing a project. This includes:

    • Researching the need for your project

    • Recruiting co-leaders

  • Learn how to create an annual plan for the project. This includes:

    • Determining the costs of your project and how you’ll fund it

    • Determining the exact improvements your project will make to whom, and how you will measure your success

    • Establishing relationships with community organisations who can link you to knowledge, tools and beneficiaries

    • Considering the risks involved in your project, and reducing them for yourself, your volunteers, your beneficiaries and the general public

  • Go through volunteer recruitment and management basics.This includes:

    • Who to recruit as a volunteer and how

    • How to prepare, manage and motivate your volunteer throughout the year.

  • Learn how to manage the project throughout the year. This includes:

    • Organising your project activities

    • Reviewing your progress regularly

    • Managing your finances and fundraising

    • Monitoring and preparing to evaluate the success of your project

  • Know how to wrap up their projects. This includes:

    • Considering whether to close down or continue the project after this academic year

    • Wrapping up with volunteers, beneficiaries and community partners

    • Evaluating the impact of your project

    • UCL-wide recognition for you and your volunteers

    • Taking your project further if possible