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Tuesday 20 March 201818.00 to 20.00

Want to boost your CV, lead a team, get yourself ready for the corporate world, go travel and have fun whilst making an impact on the world ??????

You can now do ALL of this during summer by volunteering abroad with AIESEC!

Refreshment available !!

We also have thousands of opportunities available in 120+ countries including BRAZIL, THAILAND, VIETNAM, COLOMBIA, ITALY, CHINA etc.

Over the past 3 years, AIESEC UCL has sent 200 + volunteers abroad who changed their lives and you could be next!

Come along and find out what we offer.

[Volunteer with AIESEC benefits]
?Application Support
? ? ? ?Local Buddy Support
?Accommodation Provided
? Time to travel
? Gain international friendship
?Improve your CV
?Make a difference and gain memories
? Enjoy your Summer!!