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Wednesday 14 March 201821.30

Come to our annual AGM after training on Wednesday 14th at 21:30 and vote for your new committee! 

If you want to run, prepare a small 2 minute speech for the day!

Below are the recommended and suggested tasks for each role as guided by the 2017-2018 committee. 

1. Oversees the club
2. Manages the club email account and admin
3. Facilitates the once a week Committee Led Class
4. Keeps in contact with Anthony, the temple and the Union

1. Pays our trainer, Anthony Leslie
2. Assists in running Committee Class
3. Applies for extra funding and awards
4. Manages the club's accounts for socials / extra spends

Vice President:
1. Assists the President with admin
2. One event / social organised for the year
3. Assists in running the committee Led class

Social Secretary:
2. Manage the social media pages
3. Attend UCL events / Build relations with other societies

The constitution can be changed by the newly elected committee however, so this is just a guide! We are looking for members who are passionate about martial arts and of course kung fu!