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Thursday 21 March 201918.00

It has gotten to be that time of year when we say goodbye to our old KnitSoc committee and hold a good old-fashioned combat trial to elect the new committee. Wait, what's that? We can't hold combat trials anymore? Aww, shucks. 
Luckily we've found a replacement for our old method of elections (albeit a less entertaining one). This year, we will elect the 2019 - 2020 KnitSoc committee by means of an online election! Voting and nominations will happen on the Students' Union website on the page of the Knitting Society. Voting opens on the 18th of Match, which is why we're holding an AGM on the 21st of March! Here you can meet the candidates and they will explain why you should vote for them. 

The positions that are open for nominations/voting are:
- Ruler of the Yarniverse (President)
- Guardian of the Vault (Treasurer)
- The President's Best Friend (Vice-president)
- Herald of Happiness (Welfare Officer)
- Captain of Events (Events Secretary)
- Saint of Good Will (Charity Secretary)
- Corporal of Collabs (Collaborations Secretary)
- Minister of Yarn (Stash Manager)
- Ruler of the Masses (Media Secretary)
All positions will be available online, except for the Minister of Yarn who will be elected at the AGM.

After the AGM we'll all go to a nice restaurant to celebrate the new committee and say goodbye to the old one. Please do make sure to attend the AGM, as we need 13 members present in order for it to be valid. Also, this is your only chance to find out what the plans of the new committee members are!