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Thursday 1 October 202019.00 to 20.30

As was probably anticipated, social events are going to be a little bit different this term, in that we can’t all be in one place at the same time (*sad face*). So, in a bid to seek alternative means of staying social, we introduce…

The First Ever UCL Jazz Soc Netflix Party!!

For those of you unfamiliar, there is a Chrome extension that enables you to watch stuff on Netflix with a chat bar to talk to friends while watching it - we’re planning on doing that with ‘Chasing Trane’, the documentary/film looking at the life of legendary sax maestro John Coltrane. The documentary looks at the life and career of the saxophonist, starring two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington as John Coltrane, and featuring real archival footage of Coltrane.

You will of course need your own Netflix account (or be cheeky and leach off a friend/your ex), as well as the Netflix Party Chrome extension (on the Google Chrome browser).

Netflix Party info:…

So to summarise, here are the deets:
What?: ‘Chasing Trane’ Netflix Party
Where?: Online 😮
When?: 1st October at 7pm
Who?: Hopefully you and the rest of Jazz Soc
What do I need to take part?: A laptop/PC, internet connection, Google Chrome, a Netflix account, the Netflix Party extension

Bring your own food/drink/cat etc. and enjoy from the comfort of your desk/sofa/bed!

More details and info to follow closer to the event!

For any questions regarding this event, please email us or drop us a message on the Facebook page!