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Friday 8 March 201918.00 to 20.00

The UCL Entrepreneurs Society Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday the 8th March from 18:00 GMT.

This is your chance to join and elect the 2019/2020 committee. Joining the UCL Entrepreneurs Society committee is one of the best ways to help thousands of students achieve their goals, whilst also developing the skills necessary in becoming a student entrepreneur. To see the roles up for election please visit:

The window to register your nomination for any of the stated roles is open immediately and will close on Tuesday 5th March at 18:00 GMT. You must register within this time to be able to run at the AGM. All registered candidates will be able to run on the day of the AGM and you will be required to give a short speech followed by Q&A. Further practicalities of the AGM will be given once nominations close.

To register your nomination for any of the roles please email the respective email address of the position you wish to nominate yourself for:,, and Please note you can run for a maximum of 2 roles. Your email must include your first name, last name, UCL student ID, the date at which you purchased your UCL Entrepreneurs Society membership and should be titled "UCL Entrepreneurs Society AGM Nomination". Please ensure the email is sent from a valid UCL email address.

You have the option to include a 300-word manifesto (per role) within your nomination email which should include why you believe you are a good fit for the role and what you plan to do if successful. All registrations and manifestos will be shared to all UCL Entrepreneurs Society members in the AGM agenda released prior to the AGM.

Per Union rules, you must have been a full member (purchased membership through Union website) of the UCL Entrepreneurs Society 28 days in advance of the AGM (Friday 8th February) to be eligible to run for any of the available roles or to be able to vote. Visiting and associate members cannot vote or hold any elected position.

UPDATE: Please see the Agenda here