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Monday 19 March 201819.30

It's been long, dodgy year, which means that the time has sadly come for the current committee to step down and pass the baton over to the newest batch of keenest dodgers. So, everyone is heartily invited to come along to our annual AGM for an evening of voting, grilling, prizes - yes, prizes - and general nostalgia, to help pick the best quality candidates for the ten positions we have on offer! There may be pizza in the area, so bear that in mind. 

The positions available, and their current incumbents, are:

President: Amy Denham
Treasurer: Tamara Höfer
Social Secretary: Finn Rudkin
Welfare Officer: Georgia Tickle
Publicities Officier: Martin Hamilton-Flack
Male Coach: Nabil Ahsan
Female Coach: Ruby Willett
Community Outreach Officer: Finn Rudkin
Sponsorship Officer: *new position to be introduced*
Kit Secretary: *new position to be introduced*

Feel free to approach anyone of us if you have questions about the duties expected of each position, as well as the time, effort and levels of responsibility each one entails. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to help the club build on the successes of this year and those previous! 

If you would like to be considered for a committee position, please send a short manifesto of 100-200 words to You will need to prepare a short speech (1-2 minutes), as well as answer a variety of questions from the current committee and general membership. In the past, some members have found success in making application videos! By all means, go crazy and be creative. 

An Agenda will be published shortly, and a document entailing the roles of each committee position will be added onto this page. 

The deadline for manifesto submission is midnight on Monday 12th March, and manifestos will be released on the 14th for your general perusal. 

We're looking forward to seeing you all there! ♥ 

Important Info: 

- You must be a member of the club to vote or run for a position, so please make sure you have purchased membership by the end of tomorrow (because as soon as I inform the Union of the date of our AGM, membership purchased after that point is no longer considered valid in terms of voting rights). Membership will be checked on the day and if you are found to be without it, you will not be able to vote.
- You may run for more than one position.
- Given the importance of this event, consider attendance as compulsory!