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Friday 13 March 202019.30 to 22.00

UCL Dance Society Presents:


‘…Sometimes we have an appetite to it; sometimes an Aversion from it; sometimes hope to be able to do it; sometimes despair or fear to attempt it..’  Thomas Hobbes, 1651

To Hobbes, human action is stimulated by endeavours; endeavours toward or fromward something… 

How can this idea be considered within the context of the societies we live in today? What motivates our actions as humans? What do we have an appetite for and what do we have an aversion from? This concept is what our 2020 Bloomsbury Production will explore. 

Our endeavours may be motivated by the physical or emotional, a state of being or a way of living, instinct in nature or a trait of nurture. Fundamentally, Endeavours serve to construct our social reality. The ways in which we organise ourselves as humans, the ways in which we come together and the ways in which we fall apart - these are all a product of our appetites and aversions as human beings.


£7        UCL Students

£9        Concessions

£12      Full Price

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