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Sunday 11 October 202015.00

Do you want to boulder at the highest level this club has to offer? Do you want to train with dedicated, try hard, plastic pulling climbers? Do you want to crush our opponents, mainly King’s? Then look no further! Team trails are here!

We will be assessing people in groups of 4, starting at 10 minute intervals. Please fill out the Google Doc here:…

You must pay your own entrance fees. The Google Doc is to control capacity to stick to the rule of 6.

Please arrive about 30 minutes before your indicated time to warm up and be ready to send hard.

It will be a fun, mock comp style event so Imi and Dan can see your abilities. Have fun, don’t stress, we’re very casual. 

Once you’re done with the assessment, the club event is over and you are free to stay or go.

We must ask that during the trials that you strictly follow social distancing rules and do not combine groups. You must have at least Remote Membership to the UCL Climbing and Mountaineering Club.