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Thursday 22 February 201819.30 to 22.30

It’s time for the crime of the century! The Blank Slates are putting the crew back together for one last job. Robin Hood, Al Capone, a third famous criminal… they ain’t got nothin’ on these guys. Best of the best!

In the first half, we meet our bunch of ragtag misfits. Chefs, priests, samurai warlords… you won’t get more diverse a gang than this. See where they came from and how they got involved in the heist. With their interconnected backstories, you’d think we were trying to launch the Blank Slates cinematic universe. Eventually, they all meet up and the heist begins.

Act two sees our crew assembled and introduces our cunning foe. And of course, what ultimate heist would be complete without the ultimate prize [which you’ve tasked them to steal, of course]? We’ll watch as our heroes attempt to pull off their caper. Lives will be irrevocably changed as our heroes work together to outsmart their foes and pull off a win.

Twists and turns abound as we watch the team try to pull off the heist in an hour. Will they succeed? Or will the whole thing go off the rails with the whole cast ending up in solitary? Who knows? Guess you’ll just have to come and see, eh? Link to more information