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Friday 29 November 201917.00

The Museum Society and Medieval Society have worked together to take their members on a trip to the British Museum to see their new special exhibit: 'Inspired by the East'. 

This exhibits explores the artistic exchange between East and West, particularly the influence of the Oriental art movement as turning the Middle East and North Africa into fantastical utopias of beauty. It concludes through an exploration of Muslim female identity within this genre, and how it has evolved into its modern day equivalents.

Please meet us either at 17.00 in the main quad, or at 17.15 at the British Museum entrance opposite Senate House. This will be for a 17.30 entrance to the exhibit. 

Our societies are taking on some of the cost to bring this event to you for only £10 per ticket.  

If you are interested in this event, please make sure to buy membership for either society (or both!) before purchasing.