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Thursday 15 October 202014.00 to 15.30

Come join us for our second tea and knitting event of the year! This is a casual get together where we chat, drink tea, eat biscuits and knit or crochet! It’s the perfect opportunity to meet new people and get inspired. Bring along your own project, or start a new one with the society’s supply of patterns.

If you have any knitting questions, or can’t figure out your project, this is the place where you can get one-on-one assistance and plenty of encouragement. If you’re starting a project, we’ll work together to help you find a pattern for your current skill level and budget. You can also practice the techniques you’ve learned at one of our beginner classes earlier in the week!
You don’t need to be an experienced knitter to enjoy this event, everyone is welcome. Tea and knitting recurs every week until the end of term and is a place for you to de-stress and work on your projects in peace. That hat you’ve always wanted won’t knit itself!

This event is part of Try it Fortnight and will be held on Zoom: