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Wednesday 14 October 202019.00 to 20.00

Come along for a visit to the Gurdwara to find out where your closest Gurdwara is and clear your mind after a busy start to virtual studies at UCL. If you have not yet registered, please email or message us on our socials @uclsikhsoc and we will let you know the exact place your group is meeting!


Leaving the main quad at 19:00

Arriving at the Gurdwara at 19:30

Service ends at 20:00

Keep an eye on our socials @uclsikhsoc for the most up-to-date information, and don't hesitate to DM us on any platform if you have questions.

Feel free to make your own way to the Gurdwara if that is more convenient for you, just drop us a message to confirm this first. We look forward to seeing you there!