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Wednesday 22 January 202017.00 to 21.00

Explore the art of oil painting with this short course, a great way to learn something new and tune out for a little bit in some relaxing Wednesday nights.

“Fab, fun, fantastic. Has brought back my passion for art.”

We are still discussing the details of this course; it will be suitable for beginner’s and anyone wanting to learn oil painting. As always, this course is around 10 times cheaper than the same quality of teaching would be at a London art school! In addition, we will be providing all the materials you’ll need and possibly even a life model for a session or two.

***Tickets will be 60 pounds for 4 sessions, including all materials and running Wednesday nights 5-9pm***

Tickets will go on sale on Friday the 17th of January 5pm!!!

This course will be shorter then our long oil painting course and we are thinking to spice it up a bit and give you all a quick dive into a specific area of painting, think: life models, portraits or landscapes. You might even be interested to attend if you’ve done our earlier courses this year! More details to be announced soon.

Our tutor has an incredible amount of experience which you will be able to share in, check out her website here:…

*We’ll be selling one ticket with a 10 pound discount for someone who is willing to be ‘class representative’ and help us out a little bit by letting us know about any problems you run into during the course and whether we have enough materials, details tbc