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Monday 26 February 201819.00

The Church is a living, breathing testament of God's presence in our lives, and it is built for each and every person, regardless of creed, gender, or race.  There has unfortunately, always been a wedge between the Church and the LGBTQ community, that has led to an ever-widening chasm for some people who think of themselves as having a strongly-held belief in God and those with a very real sense of rejection from the Church.  In response to this, Cardinal Vincent Nichols has appointed Monsignor Keith Barltrop to spearhead the Catholic Church's efforts to expand its ministry to those in the LGBTQ community.  On this night, with Mgr. Barltrop, we are opening the gates and facing this controversy head on, with the hope that this will keep the conversation going, and that we will come out of it with more understanding, encouragement and support for each other, as we all have a place in God's family.

**This is a STUDENT-ONLY event.