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Tuesday 13 October 202018.00 to 19.00

We hope you’re excited for UCLUNA’s second MUN training session!

In this session, we will be covering the following topics:

1. Overview of MUN: This will introduce MUN to newcomers and serve as a refresher for veterans from global circuits.

2. MUN procedure: We will cover the LIMUN format of debate commonly used in the UK circuit. If you’re looking for crisis or negotiations, fret not - we will be discussing and introducing other formats at future sessions.

3. Catchy openers and rhetorical techniques: We will be discussing the opening lines of famous historical speeches to understand why they are so effective and how we can use similar techniques in our own speeches. You will have opportunities to practice for yourself!

This will be the last training session available to remote members, and from next week, only full members will be given access to training sessions.

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