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Saturday 26 May 201818.30 to 22.00

If you’re interested in a degree with a happy ending, you’d be better off reading Law or ‘Geography’. Alas, the poor souls featured in this unfortunate spectacle decided to commit themselves to six years of hard labour — a phrase here that means…medicine. Once intelligent, charming and with pleasant facial features, we now find them haggard, mildly confused and ready to perform spurious sketch comedy.

RUMS Graduating Class of 2019 invites you to an evening of absurd assessments and irreverent reflections. Prepare to play witness to a series of learning events, each more unsupervised than the last.

–Lemon E-Ticket

Proceeds will go towards the Royal Free Charity and the RUMS Finalists’ Ball 2019.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Full Price: £8 (for everyone including members of the public)

Concessions: £5 (for UCL Students, other students etc)