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Wednesday 26 February 202018.15

To our darling RAG enthusiasts,

Let’s take our drinking game from RAGs to riches, all in the name of some excellent charities. Shake up your pres for Loop with RAG and be in with the chance of winning big!

1. Meet at 6.45pm at The Institute Bar (IOE).
2. £10 in cash to be brought on the night per participant (this is non optional).
3. Players will be sorted into pairs before the event. Please let us know who you will be attending with or should you want to spice up your evening we can pair you with another lonesome but equally exciting individual.
4. £10 will be collected per player (so £20 per pair) and put into the ‘kitty’. A random draw will select ‘le poulet’, made up of one of the pairs.
5. The game begins at Phineas. ‘Le poulet’ pair will have 20 minutes to get to a hiding place (bar) of their choosing, after which the pairs playing will be released from phineas every two minutes.
6. Once ‘le poulet’ finds its coop they will stay there there. ‘Le poulet’ have the freedom to use as much of the kitty as they can to drink as much as they can from the time the game starts onwards.
7. The rest of you will be set free around UCL to find our dearest chicken as fast as possible. If you succeed before the kitty is used up, you will join them in draining the kitty as best you can.
8. At each bar in which you do NOT find ‘le poulet’, each pair must buy a beverage of their choice (this is optional).
9. The game ends when all pairs are present and the kitty has been emptied.
10. On the instance of ‘Le Poulet’ being kicked out, they must move as a group with whoever has found them to another location.

Please note that this is a fundraising scavenger hunt event, £3 of each ticket will be going to some excellent charities and £7 will be going into the kitty. With 50 participants, we will have a £350 kitty.