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Wednesday 14 October 202017.00

Hope the first week of uni hasn’t been too rough on yall!
Want some time to relax from studies and play online games? Well, you’re in luck!
Pokemon Society Games Night will be running next Wednesday, 14th October at 5pm BST!

This event will require at least a Remote membership! They’re free!
Link to buy a membership:…

Please also make sure you’re verified with our discord bot [@Officer Jenny] before the event starts so we can check memberships! More info about verification in #rules-and-info on Discord.

The results are in for the poll we posted last week on which top 3 games we should host:

  • Among Us 
  • Pokemon Showdown
  • Pokemon themed Cards Against Humanity (Starting later around 6-7pm)

Among Us and Showdown will be running at the same time in separate channels! If you want to play both games, don’t worry! There will be plenty of time for both  
We will be having singles for Showdown but feel free to battle in other formats too! You don’t need to be into competitive battling to participate in Showdown either! We will also have the option of spectating battles too.

Hope we see you on Wednesday!

All will be held over on our Discord server! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!