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Thursday 27 February 202019.30 to 21.30

The UCL Francophone Society presents

S U I T E - A play by Sofiane Kolli
Directed by Sofiane Kolli and Charles Cohen.
25 & 27 February.
Mully’s basement bar.
£5 UCL*, £7 Non-UCL*
(*£2 of each ticket will go to charity).

Have we received a bomb in the mail? Who is our leader? Have we voted for them? Have things always been this way? Shall I buy this new computer? Yes, you shall.

S U I T E is absurd. It does not make sense. There’s shouting, whining, joy and lullabies. It is life in the form of a play, a life that does not make sense in its complete absurdity.

Do come at Mully’s Basement Bar on the 25 and 27 of February for a night of insanity and abundance, with a beautiful carpet Made In Orient and a wonderful plant that transforms non-breathable gaz into breathable ones.

We. Will. Be. Expecting. You.

UCL Francophone Society

The play is in French but there will be English subtitles.