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Wednesday 3 October 201815.00 to 17.00

Never heard of it ? I dare you to try !

Parkour is a unique way of approaching movement, its purpose being to move from point A to B in the most efficient and creative way. You will discover a variety of workshops led by professional coaches and student coaches in an fun environment. This free session will give you a first glance of what awaits you during this year of training. You can expect to learn parkour jumps and landings, wall climbing, vaults, rolls, overcome team challenges and develop your own creativity, all at your own pace in places all over London.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already a sports beast, a couch potato or anywhere in between, this sport is made for you if you want to try something new, challenge yourself, discover your limits, develop self-confidence, improve your health condition and have fun while exercising. More importantly it is also a chance to meet new people, create bonds and take part in the parkour fam !

Mixed taster sessions will be held on Wednesday 3rd of October (3-5pm) and Saturday 13th of October (2-4pm). We will also hold a special women taster session on Saturday 6th of October (2-4pm). We will meet at Archway station 10min prior to the beginning of the sessions and will head to the training spot all together. For all the information, join our Facebook page UCL Parkour.

We can’t wait to meet you there.

Dress Code: Sport/comfortable