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Wednesday 7 October 202013.00

This online session on Teams will introduce you to our society, including our plans for the year and which types of activities/events you would expect. A short Q&A session will also be available to answer any of your questions. We will also have a short introduction on Chinese calligraphy and the basic equipment needed. Next, it is the session for name-writing! We will pick audiences during our session, through live broadcast, write your names down using Chinese calligraphy. For those of you from non-Chinese backgrounds, don’t worry! We can either translate your name into Chinese characters or help you come up with a lovely name! After this session, we will take a picture of your names written in calligraphy and send them to you!

***The whole taster session will last around an hour. 

***Don’t worry if you will not be able to attend our event, we will upload our Powerpoint and screen recording onto all social media (the links to social media are available on our Students Union webpage).