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Thursday 22 March 201818.00 to 20.00

Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Location: Drayton House B03 Ricardo LT
Tickets: tbc

About: The TalkAbout is a monthly seminar that the students in the Mexican Society run to help their colleagues gain experience in presenting their ideas to a wider public. This means that you get to learn first hand what our Mexican postgraduates are doing at UCL in a friendly way. The talks are 25 minutes long and we encourage discussion during and after the seminar, usually going to the Resting Hare Pub to continue the discussion afterwards! As part of the International Week, we will have four presentations:

  • How do stem cells awake and divide to produce new neurons in the adult brain?
  • How good or bad was the 2014 Mexican soda tax?
  • Why do we study dinosaurs and why do we care?
  • What is the implementation science for complex interventions? Open dialogue fidelity for the NHS