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Tuesday 30 October 201819.00 to 20.30

UCL's Students for Global Health Society is proud to present the 2nd event of our Wartorn campaign series. 

The toppling of Gaddafi in 2011, following his 42-year rule, lead to a power vacuum and instability in Libya. With no authority in full control of the country, terrorist groups and armed militias began exploiting the situation. The persistence of violence continues to have a negative impact on the healthcare system in Libya, with hospitals and medical facilities being caught in the crossfire - further undermining Libya's already fragile and under-resourced health system.

What is the current political situation in Libya? What work has the UN done, and how has international policy impacted the development of the country? How has the healthcare system been affected? What ideas are there for post-conflict reconstruction and stabilisation of the country?

Come along to hear our expert speakers discuss the answers to these questions (followed by Q&A).