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Thursday 15 October 202017.15

We’ll be welcoming back Peter Jones, former UCL lecturer, to give a talk on his current work on the Seven deadly sins in medieval thought. An incredible lecturer, this is not one to miss.

By the first decades of the 1100s, battling the Seven Deadly Sins became a popular theme across a wide range of literature. Although emphasis varied, many monastic and theological writers took the project of fighting the sins - Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Avarice, Gluttony and Lust - as a personal and interior spiritual journey. One or two writers attempted, however, to frame combatting the Seven Sins as a blueprint for a renewed, or even heavenly, political society on earth. Taking two examples - a sermon by Richard of St Victor (d.1173), and another by the lesser-known Geoffrey Babio (d.1158), this lecture will explore how the deadly sins came to figure as inspirational political paradigms of apocalyptic renewal.

This lecture will take place over zoom, and the zoom room code will be posted on the Facebook event page for this event on the evening of the lecture.