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Wednesday 26 February 202017.00 to 21.00

THE ACCESS KEY IS: Oilpainting

Please do not buy tickets to this course if you have already done a course with us!


Our last oil painting course will be divided up into 4 sections; teaching you the art of oil painting through working with still life, learning through copying the works of Masters, painting an artwork in a short time, and setting up your own project. While painting you will learn: everything there is to know about how to paint, the traditional concepts such as colour palettes, separating light from shadows, mixing techniques, composition studies, techniques such as glazing, as well as a more intuitive side: how to develop a painting through looking at other paintings, photographs and objects, including how to really look at a subject to paint it.

***Tickets will be 55 pounds for 4 sessions, including all materials except brushes, and running Wednesday nights 5-9pm***

*** IMPORTANT: You can request priority access to ticket sales through emailing with an explanation of why you need to get a spot this time (particularly if you’re in your last year at UCL)

The course will be suitable for beginner’s and anyone wanting to learn the art of oil painting. This course is especially thought for students who have not yet taken an oil painting class this year. Our tutor will be ready with 10 years experience and feedback that will help you make this course what you want it to be.

At the end you will leave with multiple developed, beautiful pieces and with all the skills you need to continue painting in your own time.

Our tutor has an incredible amount of experience which you will be able to share in, check out her website here: and on Instagram here: @ilgaleimanis