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Monday 5 October 202014.00 to 15.30

Do you want to see if knitting is for you?
Do you need a break from the stress of the first lectures of the year?
Do you want to see what the knitting society is like?
Yes? Well, you’re in luck, because KnitSoc is here to teach you knitting from the ground up.

We will start with the basics: casting on and the knit stitch, with an appearance by the purl stitch if there’s time. No previous knitting experience is required! Come along to this session for a gentle introduction into the crazy world of yarn.

This event is part of Try it Fortnight and will be held on Zoom. Whether you’re a fresher looking for a new useful hobby, Masters student who needs to knit away the dissertation stress or PhD student who wants to get away from the lab. Everybody can learn to knit!