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Monday 18 March 201917.30 to 19.00

Come determine the future of Kinesis. Pizza will be provided, along with a dose of democracy! Get in touch with us if you're interested in running!

Committee Positions:

President - ensures that the society follows all Union rules, maintains contact with the Union and society members, facilitates communication between all committee members, works closely with the Managing Editor to assess articles and set the submission deadlines for the year.

Treasurer - is jointly responsible with the President for all of the society's financial matters, including the budget, grant applications, sponsorship and event funding.

Managing Editor - works with the President in assessing article submissions, coordinates the editing of articles, enforces submission and editing deadlines and liaises with the Creative Editor about art for each article.

Creative Editor - creates the layout of the printed magazine, liaises with artists and designers and facilitates communication between artists and writers.

Website Editor - maintains the website, uploading articles and artwork and upgrading features when necessary.

Copy Editor - provides the final proof-read to ensure all articles are ready for printing, maintaining the house style and minimising errors.

Social Secretary - organises social events with the help of the President and Treasurer, maintains the society's social media output, including Facebook, Instagram and emails.

Welfare Officer - acts as a point of contact for everyone in the society and signposts to contacts in the university, controls welfare funds and organises welfare awareness events.

Community Outreach Officer - acts as a link for society members to get engaged with relevant volunteering opportunities. A new role this year and a great chance to add something new to the Kinesis community.