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Friday 23 November 201819.30

UCL Jazz Society present a night of New Orleans jazz.

This event will go on sale in the week commencing 22nd October.

Come along for a night of music and culture in celebration of the birthplace of Jazz: New Orleans! Let the talented UCL Jazz Society Big Band, Small Bands and Choir treat you to an exciting evening at the Bloomsbury Theatre, where the Big Easy will come alive with vibrant tunes from first days of Traditional Jazz.

We will transport you back to late-19th-century New Orleans: Jazz emerges as part of a broad musical revolution encompassing the likes of blues, spirituals, marches and ragtime. Sounds from the African continent, French and Spanish Caribbean all came together in a clash of culture and music. After a brief hiatus during the 20s and 30s, in which New York and Chicago-based styles took over the scene, New Orleans was back for a revival throughout the second half of the century. The last few hits of the night will showcase how typical New Orleans elements – namely a full, bright and ‘busy’ sound interwoven with collective improvisation – still live on in our modern music.