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Tuesday 6 October 202014.00

Have you tried to pay for your freshers ticket, and then realised that you don’t yet have a UK bank account?

As a fellow international student, we all know the struggle of setting up a bank account in the UK. I remember the struggles of having to obtain a proof of study in the UK, and having to wait 3 weeks after to get a bank account. Not to mention that this year Coronavirus is likely to throw another spanner into the works.

Luckily, UCL FinTech Society is here to save your university experience! We will educate you on how to use online mobile banks in the UK, that are set up with less fuss and come inbuilt with currency exchange rates. 

Want to take a short term loan? No problem, you can do that online instantly. 

Want to track your university spending? It does so automatically. 

Want to buy stocks? You can do that too.

We plan on holding this event on the 6th of October 2020, online. No matter where you are, we will help you prepare your personal finances for coming over to London for study. We will be streaming to our social media platforms, so click the link below to go to our Facebook page and register to be reminded when the event is live.