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Monday 2 December 201918.30

Greenough Society is having its annual Christmas Meal! Come along!

Ho ho ho and Seasons Greetings my little elves! Is that...bells I hear jingling? Why, I think it must be time for Greenough's annual Christmas dinner!!! Time to get festive, put on your sparkliest Santa hats and rock around the Christmas tree and down to Core Bar. There's SNOW WAY you're gonna have a better night out than this one (also if you haven't had a hot meal in a while, this is a good chance to indulge in some delicious and nutritious munch).  There might even be a little bit of festive cheer (free wine) to go around as long as Santa's little helpers (you guys) get busy and buy membership!

Dress code: Ho ho ho(w) dare you tell me what to wear! (formal dresses and suits)
Prices: £30 (members), £38 (non-members)

Meal Choices: Please email with meal choices from the menu!! Find in the discussion of the Facebook page!!

When should I arrive? We (the committee) will be there from 6.30pm , happy hour ends at 7.00pm so get there as early as you can to take advantage of that. Food will be served at 7.15pm.

P.S. lecturers may be attending so this will be a great chance to see them get a lil cheery