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Saturday 29 February 202011.00 to 17.45

Join us for the Green Business Forum 2020, where we’ll be hosting a day of discussion on how business as a whole is working to transition to a Green Economy, and what else it should be working on to do a better job of it!

We’ll kick off with a keynote speech about the Green Economy, why it’s so crucial, and the shifts that will be required to achieve it. This will be followed by our first panel discussion, on the current and future sustainability policies that shape the way we do business. After a short break for refreshments, we’ll have the second panel discussion, where a group of industry leaders will discuss their opinions on climate policy from the business perspective, and how it can best be implemented in practice. We’ll finish it all off with a closing speech and networking with the day’s wonderful guests.

Both panel discussions will include plenty of Q&A time, so come curious!