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Monday 18 March 201917.15 to 18.15

Looking to secure a summer internship in a foreign startup company? Or are you a university graduate looking for an opportunity for a paid work placement?

AIESEC UCL’s outgoing Global Entrepreneurship and Talent function are proud to present our Global Internship Fair (GIF). We will be introducing some of our upcoming internships, with opportunities for jobs as web developers, teachers, marketing managers or IT analysts, in countries ranging from Colombia to Spain.

Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain experience through challenging work environments, equip yourself with cross-cultural skills and bring a fresh perspective for companies.

Due to limited spaces, please purchase your free Eventbrite ticket below (ticket holders are allowed to bring one guest along for the event)

Please bring a printed copy of your CV along!

Additionally, if you are interested in any of our other opportunities in Global Internships, Entrepreneurship or Teaching, please visit our website at

If you have any further queries, please contact (Vice President outgoing Global Entrepreneurship and Talent)